Try a dose of Gratitude. Gratitude is the right attitude –Be thankful for what you have.



Try a dose of Gratitude. Gratitude is the right attitude –Be thankful for what you have.
When I woke up this morning for the first time in a while, I decided to sleep in and not workout.
I went into the kitchen to make some green tea and for some reason, I decided to turn on the TV.


Maybe it was because I felt that might add comfort to my feelings of doing nothing and being lazy, after all isn’t that what everybody does who takes the day off and plays the lazy card?


Your Brain has two sides


Our brain is naturally polarized, constantly dividing things into two logical parts: black and white, good or bad,
And just because the natural order of things sometimes are bad, we tend to stay in a negative frequency allowing stress, depression and discomfort. As a result of all your stress, your skin can then become saggy and dehydrated...and that's not a good look.

How we can change our attitude? 


We can change our attitude and ultimately affect ourselves by placing our internal cells in a position to function happily without negative distraction and get better beauty sleep by giving ourselves a dose of gratitude.


So Much Chaos in the World

Once I turned on the tube, I was immediately struck by all of the chaos going on in our world, and because we are now all connected, it was like a bombardment of things that were happening from India to Japan...and most of them were not good.


Train wrecks here, Hurricane there, it was enough to make your head spin.
As I sat in my little chair, I began to look inward at my little life and the little things that I had acquired over the years.


Gratitude sense of existence


I realized that my daily life existence made me feel gratitude for what I had and for the people in my life.
My moment by moment existence was eye opening once I began to live in that space.
Use this tool to change your unsleeping nights into floating clouds. No prescription needed.


My tips for getting sleep: 


    Before you fall asleep think of 3 things you are grateful for and say them out loud (it could be breakfast, or an old friend called you, or even a baby smiling on the street) just don’t stress yourself out trying to come up with something.
    • If you go to bed with problems and stress on the mind, you will constantly toss and turn unsettled.
      In other words go to sleep with gratitude on your concision mind, when you sleep it will transfer over to your subconscious and reinforce it. ...let the beauty sleep begin. Without you even knowing it, in the morning when you wake up, your brain will now be looking for things to be grateful for.


This will reset your thinking and allow you to have a #chilyolife.
It been found in studies that if a person takes just 2 weeks of the gratitude daily dose that will become an antidote for depression for up to 1 full year.

Just remember before you take a pill, Gratitude won’t blow out your liver. 


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