Butyrospermum Fruit- Fruit from the karite tree, scientific name Butyrospermum parkii, from which the fat is obtained to enhance skintone.

Butylphenyl Methylpropional- Synthetic fragrance ingredient with a strong floral scent.

Buddleja Davidii Extract- Plant also known as summer lilac or butterfly bush.

Bumetrizole- Sunscreen ingredient that absorbs primarily UVB light.

Bupleurum Falcatum Extract- A plant used in Chinese medicine for a varitety of ailments ranging from the common cold to liver disease.

Burdock Root- Plant extract whose active constituents are skin soothing and antioxidant.

Butyl Acetate- Solvent used in nail polish and many other products.

Butylene Glycol- A type of alcohol commonly used to increase penetration of ingredients in a product by the skin.

Brazil Nut Extract- Extract for which there is a small amount of research showing it can have antioxidant properties.



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