Myristyl Myristate- Used in cosmetics as a texture enhancer and emollient.

Myrrh- Fragrant gum resin that can be a skin sensitizer. There is little research showing it has any benefit.

Moor/Peat Bath- This treatment may be administered as a bath, cloth, or pack, using a preparation of peat or moor mud.

Morus Alba Root Extract- Latin name for mulberry.

Mucilage- A gelatinous substance found in plants and animals that is extracted for cosmetic purposes from plants such as seaweeds. It is composed of protein and polysaccharides and is used to give cosmetics a creamy substance and to moisturize and protect the skin.

Mucor Miehei Extract- Extract of a type of mold whose enzymes are used as a food additive and flavor enhancer in cheeses.

Mud Bath- Mud baths are similar to mineral or seaweed baths in terms of temperature and duration, but have their own unique action on the body, determined by the mineral and plant content of the mud.



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