Orchid- Fragrant flower that can be a skin sensitizer.

Olive Oil/Olive Fruit Oil- Emollient plant oil similar to many other non-fragrant plant oils.

Orange Blossom- Fragrant extract that can also be a skin sensitizer.

Oleyl Erucate- Skin-softening agent derived from oleyl alcohol, which is obtained chiefly from fish oil.

Olfactory Response- Olfaction is the sense of smell. An olfactory response includes the mental, emotional, or spiritual changes that may be elicited by an aroma.

Oleth-10- A form of fatty alcohol that functions as a texture enhancer and cleansing agent.

Oleths- Mild cleansing agents.

Oleanolic Acid- A skin-soothing ingredient, especially when used in synthetic rather than natural form.

Oleic Acid- Fatty acid used as a cleansing agent and texture enhancer.

O-Cymen-5-Ol- Preservative used in cosmetics.



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