Rose Flower- Highly fragrant substance that can be a skin sensitizer.

Rose Hip Oil- Good emollient oil that has antioxidant properties.

Rosemary Extract- Extract that can have antioxidant benefit for skin.

Rosemary Oil- Fragrant plant oil derived from rosemary, Latin name Rosmarinus officinalis. This ingredient is primarily used as a fragrance in cosmetics.

Rosewood Oil- Fragrant plant oil with a spicy-sweet scent, also known as bois de rose. It is extracted from wood.

Royal Jelly- The myriad claims about royal jelly are anecdotal and have no research to substantiate them.

Rubus Villoscus- The Latin name for blackberry fruit extract. This plant extract has antioxidant ability.

Russian Bath- A type of steam bath originating in Russia, used to flush toxins from the body.



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