Radon Therapy- Radon is a naturally occurring atmospheric gas. It is radioactive and is released when radium content in rocks and soil breaks down. Although it is extremely hazardous to human health, it is sometimes used in trace amounts for the treatment of arthritis and asthma.

Rapeseed Oil- Nonfragrant oil that has emollient and potential antioxidant properties for skin.

Red Clover- Can have antioxidant and soothing properties.

Red Raspberry Extract- Fruit extract that has potent antioxidant properties.

Reducing Agent- Versatile ingredient composed of several non-volatile alcohols.

Resveratrol- Potent polyphenolic antioxidant that is abundant in red grapes and, therefore, in red wine.

Retinol- Retinol, the name for the entire vitamin A molecule, is a skin-restoring ingredient and an antioxidant.



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