Vitamin B12- Overall there is limited research showing vitamin B12 has any benefit when applied topically on skin.

Vitamin B2- There is no research showing this has any benefit when applied topically to skin.

Vitamin B6- There is no research showing it to have benefit for skin.

Vata- In the traditional ayurvedic system, vata is one of the three doshas. It is a combination of the elements of space and air.

Verbena Extract- Fragrant extract that can be a skin sensitizer.

Vetiver Oil Or Extract- Fragrant component in skincare products that also has some beneficial properties.

Vichy Treatment- Needle-like showers of alternating cold and hot water are directed from overhead as the client reclines on a table. It is usually followed by a body scrub. European Vichy treatment consists of a very fine shower of lukewarm water over the body, along with a full-body massage done by the therapist in wet room attire. In the United States, the Vichy shower is mostly used to rinse off body scrub or wrap products and not generally used therapeutically.

Vikriti- In ayurvedic medicine, an individual’s diet, environment, work stress, mental or emotional trauma, relationships, or physical injury may cause their prakriti (constitution) to become unbalanced. This unbalanced state is referred to as a vikriti state.



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