The process of reality has thousands of things you can focus on, but most people block out all the wonders of life to see only what they choose to fill their own bubble.

It's been estimated that the average person has from 25,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day that pass through our brain and approximately 70% of those thoughts are negative.


Out of all of those thoughts, only a fraction pass through to our conscious mind.


Even though you have the ability to fill your mind with what you choose, not one person can tell you what their next thought is going to be.


You can't control your thoughts, but you can control HOW you think.


The ultimate happiness is looking right at you, you were just to busy to notice it. - Shedrack Anderson - Co founder of Chilyo.


If you look at most people's patterns of thinking, their behavior and actions, you will see everything remains the same, month after month, year after year, and if reincarnation is real, life after life.


These are patterns that people get locked into.
Just existing, never living.


Here are the 3 keys to take yourself off of autopilot, turn your attention around and start focusing on what really matters...YOU!



3 Keys to get off Autopilot

  1. Slow down and notice the small changes in life.
  2. Recognize how changes are appropriate for that moment and circums tance.
  3. Appreciate the changes that occur around you and allow grat itude to enter your life.

Chi Gung Exercise - The Inner Smile

Flashlight Meditation

Imagine that you have a flashlight and you are holding it in your hands. Imagine all of the light that is emitted from your flashlight is your focus and you fill your mind with everything the light hits.

Slowly turn the light around in your hands, so that the light is pointed at your chest.

You have now become the focus of your own mind. Imagine that you can see inside your own body.

You can see all of your internal organs and their functions.

Try to focus and go through each organ in your mind your heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, etc.

Imagine them working away to keep your body alive and functioning. In your mind imagine that they are smiling at you as you watch them.

They are working so hard and deserve a smile back.
Imagine yourself smiling back at them and having gratitude for their work.

Then imagine they begin to laugh and smile because they are so happy.

Then actually put a smile on your face. Pretty soon you've got this happy show going on in your body and mind and people will see you walking down the street wondering what blissful drug you took... and they will want it.

When asked what why are you so happy and blissful? Pass it forward and tell them that you have found you ChilyoLife!

When I was working to create a health and wellness company, I wanted to incorporate the aspects of healing into modern culture.

Whenever I'm at the office I always get asked why am I so Happy.

Now I have exposed an ancient secret that has been around for thousands of years.

I hope by you looking within, you find your true inner peace...and a little bit of your happy show.


Your Story/Our Heroes

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