On March 8, the world will recognize International Women’s Day with the goal to #BalanceForBetter.


This Friday, March 8, the world will celebrate International Women’s Day.


The day of recognition has origins that extend back as far as 1909, the Socialist Party of America organized the earliest Women’s Day observance in New York.


The notion of a day focused on women’s rights and issues spread quickly, and the first International Women’s Day was held just a couple of years later, in 1911.


That first IWD saw hundreds of demonstrations across the world, as women spoke out and exercised their voices to advocate for basic rights, like suffrage, the right to hold public office, and the right to equal pay for equal work.


These causes unite, and empower, and motivate us to this day.


In honor International Women’s Day 2019, #BalanceForBetter


Growing for its origins in the women’s suffrage movement, International Women’s Day has become a day for all women, everywhere.
To honor this connection to our female role models of past generations, Chilyo wants to help you #BalanceForBetter.


We propose that this year, as you reflect on the role and status of more than half of the world’s population, that you celebrate women by celebrating yourself!


We all influence those around us, and we all have women in our lives who have helped us grow into the wonderful people we are today.


Whether it’s your mom, your grandma, your favorite teacher, or simply a respected neighbor, today is a day to honor them and their contributions to what make you, you.


You never need an excuse to show appreciation, or to wait for an anniversary to remind you.


Take the time to feel grateful, to recognize the past and recent achievements, and to look forward to new goals.


How Can My Chilyo Life Make Me a Positive Influence for Women?

The surest way for you to be a positive example for women is to begin with yourself.


Empower yourself and, by doing so, you will empower others. Let’s start with a positive affirmation:


“I know what I’m doing”
“I will accomplish my goal”
You may notice in your life - the kinder you are to yourself, the kinder the world is to you.


So, be kind to yourself. Be generous.
Be generous with your attentions, with your passions. Be generous with your time and resources.
Reach down to help others up. Reach farther to pull others along behind you.


Take the time to be thankful, for small victories and massive achievements alike.
Take the time for selfcare. Feel good, and celebrate your role!


Even if that’s all you do this year to acknowledge International Women’s Day, I can almost guarantee that your positivity will reflect on and be returned by others.


That’s how you can spread joy, we can empower one another, and #BalanceForBetter.



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