This Valentine’s Day, give the lady in your life the gift of youthful skin.


What if we told you, this Valentine’s Day, you have a choice? Sure, you could buy your wife the same supermarket special - a dozen roses, plus the ubiquitous box of chocolates. I mean, it’s gotten you this far, and why mess with what works?


We get it. We do. Honestly, we do.


But just because “the usual” has always been fine doesn’t mean you can’t do better.


Something Unique For Her This Valentine’s Day


Buying makeup for your wife is risky business. But the greater the risk, the greater the potential reward.

To be sure, there are some general guidelines that should keep you in her good graces. For instance: Concealer is meant to cover up flaws, like zits. Do NOT buy her concealer. Unless you want to spend the rest of this Valentine’s Day apologizing. (And again, sorry baby.) Some others you might want to keep in mind:


  • The best gifts speak to a desire she has stated previously
  • A truly great gift is something she desperately needs but doesn’t realize it

The Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for Her


What magical, mystical product could possibly meet those criteria? Maybe you had better just hit Whole Foods on the way home. They usually have really nice flowers…


OR, you could check out our facial elixir mist. We designed this from the word “go” to provide the most soothing hydration possible while repairing the damage we all subject our skin to everyday. Our facial elixir blends traditional Eastern healing traditions that use natural and herbal ingredients with cutting edge Western science.


East mists West

What guides our product research team is simple: What are the greatest causes of damage to our skin, and how do we address those issues in particular. Simple, sure, but incredibly effective, too.


That approach led us to identify environmental stress as the number one cause of inflamed, irritated, inelastic skin. It also led us to pioneer a new way of addressing the damage those environmental stressors cause - environmental response skincare.


Once we understood this simple truth: that the environmental stressors we encounter every day - from a terrible commute, to excessive screen time, to smog, to processed foods… - are wreaking havoc on our skin.

Stress and irritants cause inflammation. Inflammation causes our skin to lose its elasticity, which leads to premature signs of aging. So Chilyo set out to create a line of skincare products that not only moisturize and hydrate our skin from the inside out, but that also work to counteract the inflammation that is at the root of so many related and cascading problems.


Our unique formula uses all natural and herbal ingredients - our guiding principle during development was simple: nothing we can’t spell - along with fragrant, bio-fermented fruit extracts, to create a true luxury skincare product.


To that, we add cutting-edge Western science, in the form of full spectrum hemp CBD.


Hemp CBD, which contains cannabinoids, interacts with our endocannabinoid system.


The endocannabinoid system has receptors throughout our body, and especially in the nervous and immune systems.


When they’re activated, endocannabinoid receptors reduce inflammation, contributing to healthy, vibrant skin.


This Valentine’s Day, Give the Gift of Something New

So, to recap:


Things you shouldn’t do for your wife this Valentine’s Day:

  • Take her to the local pub for karaoke (unless she’s into that sorta thing)
  • Buy her a sad bouquet of roses from the grocery store


Things you should do for your wife this Valentine’s Day:

  • Treat her like you just fell in love with her, all over again
  • Buy her Chilyo’s unique facial elixir mist to soothe and pamper her skin, the way you will soothe and pamper her every other day this year


Let’s make Valentine’s Day special again!


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