Did you see what we did there with our name? It’s a little South Philly (what’s up, yo!?) and it is also our philosophy. The great thing about the name Chilyo is it really captures who we are as a company. For starters, the name literally means “healing” in Korean (치료). We believe each and every one of us is responsible for our own well-being, which means it is up to us to heal ourselves.

In our minds, healing is directly related to our environment – whether at home or at work, outside or inside, emotionally or intellectually, our daily experiences impact our health, which means they impact our skin. That’s why each of our products have specific natural ingredients – so that the ritual of using Chilyo is as healing as the products themselves.

So, how do you Chil-yo? Tell us what you do in your life to heal yourself. Is exercise your cup of tea? What about meditation, vitamins, therapy, music – the list goes on and it never stops because healing never really stops.

Your Story/Our Heroes


We want to hear from you! Tell us what’s happening and how you incorporate our products into your overall health and skincare regimen. We each have a story to tell long or short, happy or sad. Don’t be shy. Your story can help to inspire and heal others, which is our entire goal in the first place. Have a story about your #ChilyoLife that you want to share? Get in touch! If we choose to post your story on the blog, we’ll share some Chilyo goodies!

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