Did you see what we did there with our name? It’s a little South Philly (what’s up, yo!?) and it is also our philosophy. The great thing about the name Chilyo is it really captures who we are as a company. For starters, the name literally means “healing” in Korean (치료). We believe each and every one of us is responsible for our own well-being, which means it is up to us to heal ourselves.

In our minds, healing is directly related to our environment – whether at home or at work, outside or inside, emotionally or intellectually, our daily experiences impact our health, which means they impact our skin. That’s why each of our products have specific natural ingredients – so that the ritual of using Chilyo is as healing as the products themselves.

So, how do you Chil-yo? Tell us what you do in your life to heal yourself. Is exercise your cup of tea? What about meditation, vitamins, therapy, music – the list goes on and it never stops because healing never really stops.

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March Madness

I used to play basketball to stay in shape.
Now, I have to stay in shape to play basketball.
Maybe that’s just the normal course of aging. It doesn’t have to be, though.
You might’ve tried traditional muscle balms in the past. If you did, you likely came away underwhelmed.

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Valentines Day Gifts Him

Whiskey glasses? A drone? A travel mug? Honestly, have you ever asked Google to help you find the right gift for your guy? The answers can be…less than helpful, to put a polite spin on things.
The quest is only made more difficult when you consider how unique your guy is. Whatever answers you might trust from around the internet, it’s unlikely you have ever asked yourself, “What kind of radio-controlled drone will really put a smile on my partner’s face this Valentine’s Day?”
But that seems to be the hot gift this February, because…guys like toys?

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Valentines Day Gifts for Her

What if we told you, this Valentine’s Day, you have a choice? Sure, you could buy your wife the same supermarket special – a dozen roses, plus the ubiquitous box of chocolates. I mean, it’s gotten you this far, and why mess with what works?
We get it. We do. Honestly, we do.
But just because “the usual” has always been fine doesn’t mean you can’t do better.

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Can’t Sleep?

Try a dose of Gratitude. Gratitude is the right attitude –Be thankful for what you have. 
When I woke up this morning for the first time in a while, I decided to sleep in and not workout.
I went into the kitchen to make some green tea and for some reason, I decided to turn on the TV. 
Maybe it was because I felt that might add comfort to my feelings of doing nothing and being lazy, after all isn’t that what everybody does who takes the day off and plays the lazy card? 

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Your Story/Our Heroes


We want to hear from you! Tell us what’s happening and how you incorporate our products into your overall health and skincare regimen. We each have a story to tell long or short, happy or sad. Don’t be shy. Your story can help to inspire and heal others, which is our entire goal in the first place. Have a story about your #ChilyoLife that you want to share? Get in touch! If we choose to post your story on the blog, we’ll share some Chilyo goodies!

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